Our Mission

Our mission is to protect communities in the WUI day and night by providing a connected network on the border of wilderness and human-made development that increases both situational and actionable intelligence to sense fires before they start.

Advanced Community Protection


Perch Sensing's fire-detection sensors can be strategically positioned on premise to receive real-time intelligence from both local and a wider community network of sensors, mitigating risk of property damage and enabling faster response times in the event of an emergency from first responders and evacuations.


Whether the asset is an indoor or outdoor space, Perch Sensing can deploy a wide sensor network coverage around the perimeter to mitigate risk of infrastructure and property damage, as well as reduce the overall liability by prioritizing the protection and safety of customers and patrons.

Public Sector

Outdoor parks and recreational land are important to preserving the natural ecosystem and provide sanctuary for community space. Our sensors can also be deployed in locations without network infrastructure, mitigating risk in a high fire fuel area and providing rapid intelligence to fire departments and local authorities.

Wildfires Destroying Our Communities


While the majority of news headlines cover wildfires caused and exacerbated by electrical utility companies, the reality is that most incidents are caused by people or weather. Among the list of impacted areas by wildfires are the wildland urban interface, or WUI, which are locations where structures and communities meet or intermingle with undeveloped wildland. These communities are vulnerable, at constant risk of burning, and impact the most human lives. At Perch Sensing Inc., we are working to develop a solution to mitigate the risks associated with living in these high-fire risk regions.

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We are actively researching novel methods for IIoT deployment solutions. Contact us to learn how we can address your concerns and support your mission of wildfire prediction and prevention.